JB Machinery was presented FEFCO’s Silver Award for Best Innovation at the 2023 Technical Seminar in Lyon, France. In his technical presentation, Dave Burgess – Director of Sales, JB Machinery – detailed the theory of operation and benefits of AutoDryer Control™, JB’s latest innovation.

AutoDryer Control, commonly referred to as ADC™, is a system to reduce energy consumption on IR dryer systems. ADC has proven to reduce energy consumption by at least 20 percent on installed systems with some users reporting dramatically higher energy savings.

The system, which is available on new JB dryer installations as well as an upgrade to existing ColorDry XL3000 dryer systems, automatically optimizes the power usage to provide optimal drying with minimal power consumption. ADC automatically adjusts power levels to maintain a global temperature setpoint for the surface of the sheet. The system uses a learned algorithm based on substrate, ink, machine speed and other variables. After the initial job setup, operators rarely need to touch it again. Now, the appropriate dryer power is used to obtain optimum drying efficiency instead of blasting every dryer at 100 percent or tinkering with the power setting throughout the order. The operators just turn it on and forget it.

“We would like to thank FEFCO and all those who selected us for this prestigious award,” says Warren Bird, president of JB Machinery. “Bringing this successful product to the market was a team effort. We would also like to thank McLean Packaging and the VPK Group for facilitating our early testing, our XDS Holdings team for their development and pace to market and of course our customers who continue to be true partners in our mutual success.”

To learn more about JB’s AutoDryer Control, visit jbmachinery.com/autodryer-control or call +1.203.544.0101.