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ColorDry XL3000, InKomand, AutoWash, KleenPlate 3.0, ColorCure ColdUV, KomandCenter

ColorDry® XL3000

Drying Systems


precise ink management control


automatic plate washing

KleenPlate® 3.0

print defect eliminator & auto plate washer

ColorCure® ColdUV®

Curing Systems


single dashboard control

Optimizing Productivity & Quality for the Modern Boxmaker

Increased Productivity, Enhanced Quality, Expanded Capabilities, Competitive Difference

The added value that in-line drying, aqueous or UV varnishing, plate cleanliness and ink management brings to corrugated graphics is indeed remarkable. Safe and economical, today’s technologies open a new world of creativity for you and your customers, providing durable, high-graphics with depth and reality.

Graphics so rich your eyes can feel them… your customers will insist on them… and consumers will be captivated by them.

ColorDry XL3000 Dryer

ColorDry XL3000®

drying systems

Dramatically increases productivity, providing higher quality graphics, expanding your capabilities

precise ink management control


Maximizing productivity and reducing waste

AutoWash automatic plate washing for flexographix direct print presses


 automatic plate washing

Automatic plate washing optimizes efficiency, productivity and quality.

print defect eliminator & auto plate washer

Optimizes direct print productivity and quality

JB News

all that is news from JB… very dry, always kleen, and in kontrol it will cure your curiosity

John Bird Inducted into AICC Hall of Fame

John earned the honor because of the many innovations he has brought to the industry, his support of AICC, and his...

Dunapack orders JB for new Bobst 924NT

JB Machinery Inc. has confirmed it has secured an order from Dunapack Packaging for its Adana, Turkey facility for a...

Valley Container Upgrades to XL-UP and AutoWash

Valley Container, Bridgeport, CT., has installed two XL-UP XL3000 IR drying system upgrades on their Goepfert...

Color, Color, Color At MAXCO

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JB Installs on 7-color Bobst

JB Machinery Inc. is pleased to announce yet another installation in Korea and the first commercial pull from a BOBST...
KomandCenter single dashboard control for JB products


single dashboard control 

Bringing all JB controls together in one user interface 

JB’s products speak for themselves

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