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Based in Westport, Connecticut, JB Machinery celebrates three generations of family ownership and operation providing superior products, support and services to converters and original equipment manufacturers in the corrugated printing and packaging industry. With over 60 years of industry experience, our unique and efficient IR drying and UV curing system designs, and our dedication to research and development of new products, have generated an extensive list of satisfied customers from around the world.

Whether it is a new machine installation, or an upgrade to an existing press, JB Machinery works closely with the customer and their machinery manufacturer to ensure the installation is flawless and the performance meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.

From the first customer contact, through the entire life cycle of the product, customers can count on JB Machinery for superior products, service and support.

ColorDry®XL3000 IR Dryer Systems

Optimized Safety, Printing & Performance with
Intelligent Power Management

Flexo inks dry by evaporation. Unless this process is accelerated through the use of dryers, ink will not trap color on color and will mark when inline diecutting and/or stacking.

ColorCure® ColdUV® Curing Systems

Ultimate UV Safety, Performance and Quality Solution

UV provides converters an economic and environmentally safe means to deliver maximum graphic, protective and functional varnish capabilities, from matte to high gloss wet look finishes, to their customers.


print defect eliminator with auto plate washing

Automating plate washing and eliminating printing defects will maximize up-time and minimize color variation.



automatic plate washing

Plate washing and the need to remove print defects causes significant downtime. Automatic plate washing eliminates manual washing and optimizes efficiency, productivity and quality. 

With AutoWash all plates are simultaneously washed in less than 4 minutes. The system also includes a 1.5 second “in production” print defect (hicky) removal cycle.



precise ink temperature control

Flexo ink performance is optimized at 18-22°C / 66-74°F.
Temperatures outside this range will cause dramatic swings in pH and Viscosity, which in turn will lead to an inability to print causing significant waste and lost production time.


A fully comprehensive control interface

KomandCenter combines enhanced controls, diagnostics, monitoring and reporting for all JB Machinery press equipment into one convenient, intuitive and user-friendly dashboard interface.

Inside/Outside inline printing

Maximized Productivity and Capacity

When printing inside/outside in a single pass, dryers are even more vital in achieving manufacturers rated press speeds. Ensuring inks are fully dry when printing inline on both sides of the corrugated sheet avoids the additional risk of smearing or marking from vacuum transfer systems, die blades and ejection rubbers.