IR Drying Systems

For Corrugated Converting

JB’s Interstation and Final Flexo Infrared(IR) Drying Systems

Performance, Ease of Maintenance and Safety

Interstation and Final Flexo Dryers dramatically increase productivity, allow you to provide higher quality graphics options and expand the capability of your flexo operation.

Installed between printing stations, Interstation or Final Flexo Dryers optimize drying of each or selected colors for color-on-color trapping, minimizing if not eliminating ghosting, providing dramatic increases in productivity and product value.

Final Flexo Dryers ensure optimized drying of ink and or varnish prior to inline die-cutting, minimizing if not eliminating the potential for tracking, marking, smearing and offsetting from sheet to anvil cover, even with inline varnishing and full coverage printing.

In every instance the use of Interstation and Final Flexo Dryers eliminates the need for multiple passes. High graphics printing, varnishing and finishing operations such as die-cutting in a single pass on semi or fully-coated high hold-out board without compromising run speeds.

Efficient and Low Maintenance

Special protective glass plates and stainless steel board guides protect the lamps from damage through warped board or loose fragments. Each cassette is designed with air nozzles powered by internal fans. Air is forced into the cassette creating a positive pressure environment, which serves to minimize the paper dust and other contaminates that can enter and collect inside the cassette chamber. The heated air exits the chamber through integrated air jet nozzles positioned to create turbulence and agitate the laminar layer of air at the board surface, while the vacuum transfer exhausts the moisture-laden air that was trapped at the board surface.

Maintenance couldn’t be simpler. Turn the latch, lift and the cassette slides out. It’s just that easy.

Sentinel™ and VisionMaster™

With VisonMaster’s real-time high-definition (HD) monitoring of sheet travel and dryers, operators can see what is happening inside the machine as it is happening. Trending problems can often be detected and acted upon before they become jams or other major issues.

With VisionMaster the operator knows where the jams or errant sheets are and can tend to those sections without the need to open every section.

JB’s Sentinel LED based light curtain provides an additional and superior level of safety to your printing operation by being proactive and not reactive. High precision LED light curtains are strategically positioned over each dryer surface to monitors for interruptions through the dryer zone.

Advantages of In-line Drying

In-line drying of ink and aqueous or uv varnish bring tremendous value to corrugated graphics. Safe and economical, today’s technologies open a new world of creativity for you and your customers. Graphics so rich your eyes can feel them… Your customers will insist on them…and consumers will be captivated by them.


The Benefits of Infrared Drying

  • Significant increases in productivity – Increases of 300% have been recorded
  • Multi-color printing, varnishing and die-cutting in a single pass
  • Trapping of color-on-color in line
  • Minimized if not elimination of ghosting
  • Superb finish quality adds luster and protection

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