Filtered UV Curing Systems

The benefits of Filtered UV include:

  • Optimized productivity
  • Superb finish quality for value added graphic appeal
  • Ultra gloss 'wet look' to no gloss matte finishes
  • Maximized box strength, scuff, rub & water resistance
  • No wash-up of anilox necessary during running or between jobs
  • Elimination of paper jams and paper wraps
  • Printing and curing on heat sensitive materials
  • Significant waste reduction

UV provides converters an economic and environmentally safe means to deliver maximum graphic, protective and functional varnish capabilities, from matte, to high gloss, to wet look finishes, to their customers. For most applications UV provides a look which competes with film lamination, and often exceeds pre-print.

UV allows converters to differentiate themselves from their competition, add extra value to the finished product and dramatically increase productivity, "shelf velocity", message amplification and branding. Providing attention grabbing graphic treatments that drive consumers to your customers' products during those precious decision making seconds!

Another JB Advantage: Filtered UV Technology

Unlike conventional systems that use air to control the UV lamp assembly temperature, JB Machinery uses environmentally-friendly filtered water technology. The UV head assembly and lamp zones are cooled by chilled deionized water circulated through the filter tube located between the lamp and drying surface. This eliminates the need for shutters, minimizes fire risk, carries away unnecessary IR heat and reduces ozone production to levels below that required by government regulations. The JB water filtered system also eliminates the need for the space consuming internal and external air duct systems required by conventional UV systems. Air-cooled UV is also an available option for specialized applications.

Short lamp technology and air-cooling are also available options for specialized applications.

Energy Efficient Super UV Lamps™

Specifically designed for high power level applications, the JB Machinery Super UV Lamps emit 25 to 100% more UV radiation without requiring any additional electrical power. This power saving design allows a typical 400 watt/in Super UV Lamp to equal or exceed the performance of a standard 600 watt/in mercury vapor lamp while only emitting the IR radiation of a 400 watt/in lamp. Additionally the JB system provides rapid on/off control of the UV lamps optimizing production time, conserving energy and providing zone control options for spot varnish applications.